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Joanne’s striking contemporary glass is a pleasure to own and receive. The Studio Collection comprises repeatable vessels and sculptural pieces, each with their own unique characteristics.

The process of making a piece can include techniques such as blowing, casting, wheel cutting and extensively cold-working the glass until its final shape is achieved. Each piece is a signed and dated original design, handcrafted to the highest quality. Pieces are made to order and can be produced in a range of colours. Retail prices start at £120.

Please contact us to request a brochure and price list or visit the Commissions section to find out how to commission your own design.

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Flight *new

Graceful simplicity in monotone colours. Inspiration for this vessel came from the grace and beauty of birds in flight.

Height: 250mm approx.

Oblique Vessel

With inspiration drawn from rock textures, this piece involves extensive diamond wheel cutting to achieve contrasting textural and smooth finishes.

Height: 160mm approx.

Void Vessel

Inspired by the contrasting properties of the glass and it’s internal space, this piece involves many stages of wheel cutting, grinding and polishing to achieve the desired finish, emphasising the depth and transparency of the glass.

Height: Large 175mm Medium: 130mm approx.


Leaf-shaped vessel with finely cut textural detailing. Each line is individually hand cut.

Height 90mm, Length 205mm approx.

Teardrop: Seasons *new

Developed from the Teardrop range, these pieces embrace contemporary pattern through diamond cutting, and are named after each season.

Available in four colours: Tea (Autumn), Smoke grey (Winter), Aqua (Summer) and Steel Green (Spring).

Height: 210mm approx.


Examples of Joanne’s sculptural work, each is different and numbered as part of the Dancers Series. Sculptures can be made as interrelating pairs and triptychs.

Height: Various up to 250mm approx.

Stepping Stones

Sculptural piece exploring themes of childhood memories and pathways. Cast glass and sandstone.

Height: various up to 190mm


Available in pairs or singles, the balance forms explore themes of spatial interaction, balance and movement.

Height: Various up to 200mm approx.


Simple, fluid vessels inspired by the flow of molten glass.

Height: Large 250mm, Medium 210mm, Small 170mm approx.

Peri Vessel

Inspired by the graceful form of the Angel fish, the name of this piece comes from the Arabic word for Angel.

Height:190mm – 250mm approx.